Homework Sucks!

Ever had to do something for homework that you know is just useless? I’m having that feeling hardcore right now, It’s crazy to think that its useless, I learned that lesson the hard way.

I could write a book on why homework is important and why you should do it even if you know what its on and stuff. Even though you might know the content; even if you have an A in math, you still need to do homework, it’s graded and can really effect your grade even if you get it wrong.

I didn’t do my homework in math for the longest time and right when I started to do it, not only did my math grade improve, but I felt better about math too. So I guess just as a quick reminder, even if you feel like complete shit about the topic, homework is still critical and you still gotta do it!

So to wrap this up, Do your Math homework!


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